How To Go For A 100% Virtual Real Estate Brokerage?

The world of real estate is changing because of the internet. Nowadays you don't have to leave your house to buy or sell the property. The traditional ways of doing real estate are also changed. Now agents can do work from where, whenever, and with whom they want. So, agents should keep whatever they earn. Agents work hard to get their commission. Then why they should not be able to keep all their commission. A 100% commission brokerage gives all the commission to the agent.

But the question is how to select a 100% commission real estate brokerage?

At first gimps, most of the "100% commission flat fee virtual brokerage" seems the same. You get their license with them and pay only a small flat fee per transaction. After that, you see how much some 100% commission brokers confuse you in their commission splits. Some real estate companies took shape of 100% commission brokerage. But with a few more clicks on their website, you will see somewhere in the 8 points font what they are hiding from you. A wise man said; "What the large print gives you, the small print takes away". That quote applies in this situation. If the fees charged by the company are not clear, aren't upfront for all the world to see. and they ask you to contact them for more details. It's a safe bet to say they are hiding something and they are not a 100% commission brokerage.

When you look to join a 100% commission brokerage. Make sure to have the exact amount of the commission and fee per transaction in writing. Don't go for what is written on their websites. I wish you luck and welcome you to the world of the One Hundred Percent Commission business model.

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