Top 10 Reasons To Join CURB 100% Commission Real Estate Brokerage Company (Part 1)

Updated: Apr 10

As we know the pandemic of 2020 has changed the way of real estate brokerage. Now day agents no longer needed to go to the office, they can work from their home, thanks to the internet. That’s why well-known companies like Coldwell, Banker, Re-Max, century 21, etc are dying. These companies are no longer able to keep their agents. Now agents know these brokerage companies are not able to give them anything that they can get themselves by working online.

CURB 100% commission real estate brokerage is the platform where agents can keep all their commission. Many of the agents are choosing CURB 100% commission brokerage because it allows them to earn more.

Here are the top 10 reasons for agents to join the CURB brokerage company.

  1. If an agent works for the Old brick and mortar real estate companies. He has to feed a big chunk of his commission to the brokers for using a little space of their office. with CURB 100% commission agents keep all their commission without splitting it. there is no need to fill Broker's pockets. All the commission is for the agent.

  2. In traditional brokerage, Agents are always under the surveillance of brokers. With CURB 100% commission real estate brokerage the agent doesn't need to follow the instructions of their brokers. Here agents themselves are the boss and the broker is supposed to work for the agents. Agents are independent while working with CURB.

  3. With CURB Agents don't have to worry about the limitations of their sales per month. 10 or 100, agents are allowed to close as many deals as they can and keep all their commission. Agents will also get the support that is right for them.

To be continued.... (Part 2)

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